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Moderation rules

For every case you should take care of the whole concerned product: a moderation issue often reveals a completely false product.

If you're not sure a new product matches with a real product, delete the whole product.

The following rules don't apply to the product itself: ex. if a product contains a picture with a face.

1. Product picture with a people face

  • The face is clearly recognizable? => Delete the picture.
  • The face isn't clearly recognizable? => Keep the picture, eventually crop it.

2. Product picture containing both the product and part of a body

  • The part of the body can re-identify somebody? => Delete the picture.
  • The part of the body cannot re-identify somebody (ex. legs) => Keep the picture, eventually crop it.

3. Product picture only shows something not related to a product

  • Delete the picture.

4. Product picture containing parts with obscene or illegal content

  • Delete the picture.

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