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Current features

  • Product scan
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Scan history
  • Editing

Feature proposals

  • People expect nonobtrusive experiences from Open Food Facts (access to information not blocked by login, but also, very easy path to sign-up, login and X device sync, which we don’t offer).
  • We also want the app to feel very reliable, and it should never feel unresponsive, slow, of disconnected.
  • People expect value added deciphering, in context, and they need to feel the advice is personalized for them.
  • This advice should be available in any condition, especially if the product has been scanned. A modicum of all the database should be available offline, and everything that has been seen before should be stored for instant viewing, with mechanisms to purge.


  • Scan should be continuous, and instant (with a local copy of the essential information available offline), in all directions, and work in bad conditions (low light, bad camera, 90 angle, broken main camera)
  • The result should display what it currently does on Android: Nutri-Score, NOVA group, CO2, # of additives (along with a first time explanation to scroll up the scan card for more details and explanations), diets if not disabled, and allergen warnings if enabled
  • Scan requests should be specified as such to the server, with an HTTP header. They should use the fields= API to minimize payload.
  • Spec not yet developed in Scanning barcodes

Product addition

Product addition

Ingredient analysis (vegan, vegetarian, palm oil, and more in the future)

Ingredient analysis specification