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Open Food Facts is a collaborative and citizen project. There are different ways to contribute.

1. Improving the database

The database is the core of the project. It's easy and very quick to help.

You can download the mobile app for your phone, and start adding or improving products.

On the other hand, Open Food Facts website offers many ways to contribute:

2. Software development

The major part of Open Food Facts tools and softwares are made by volunteers. Software development includes Open Food Facts backend (Perl and MongoDB); API (JSON); website (HTML5, JS, Foundation); iOS native (Swift); Android native (Java); AI (python, R); translations; etc.

For more information, see Software Development.

3. Documentation & knowledge

This wiki is the central place for documentation and knowledge.

> You can help maintain and enrich this wiki (to be completed).

4. Translations

Open Food Facts is a global project, containing products for more than 160 countries. Open Food Facts is translated in dozens of languages, with constantly evolving contents. Translations is one of the key tasks of the project. > Translations.

5. Community helping & management

Open Food Facts is a global effort due to thousands of people. We try to maintain a vibrant and growing community, thanks to our social spaces: Facebook, Slack, Twitter... In particular, we need to welcome new contributors, answer questions, help people to find things, ... If you like interacting with people, we need your help!

6. Communication

Open Food Facts has to widely share its activities. We need to clearly explain our goals, our tools, our services, the way we conduct the whole project, and so on. We need to inform about our progresses, news, successes. You can help us to build a clear and efficient communication to share Open Food Facts project.

> We welcome contributions which can help project communication, see communication page.

7. Project's life

Open Food Facts also needs contributions the global project's life: project management, quality control, fundraising, etc. We also need help there!