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#gamification on Slack


  • We have a large problem: it's easier to snap pictures than to turn that into text. We thus have a large backlog of products that are not complete. We aim to use clever OCR and techniques, but also gamification to stay on top.

2021 development

Dated brainstorm


Improve missions

Improve Open Food Hunt

  • Make it configurable for Open Beauty Facts
  • Make it year-agnostic (to run it every year)

Random ideas

  • Add separate mini games
  • Target mobile users
  • Playful and actionable call to actions in the website
  • break up work in simple units

Ingress-like game

A « Akinator-like » (i.e genie) game

Proposed by tacite
A « Akinator-like » (i.e genie) game. You put your barcode and

  • if we have it on OFF and the product page state is « Complete » : the genie says he already guessed what your product is
  • if we don’t have it or the product page is not « Complete » : it asks questions like « can it be drunk ? » -> we add «  beverages » in the backoffice for that product, and ask many questions like that

at the end if the player accept to send pictures, the product page is generated, if he doesn’t the infos are just suggested to us to check with what we already have for that barcode

Supermarket Top Trumps

A 3rd party app that feeds off the OFF product information to create the well known 'Top Trumps' game. E.g. two players compete by scanning products, they choose a category like 'salt content' and continue to play in the normal 'Top Trumps' fashion. On the occasions when missing data occurs while playing, the player is encouraged to contribute the data or lose that hand/trick in the game. This is just one example of a an app that could have a 'give/take' relationship with OFF

  • Emphasis must be put into the seamless integration between the apps

a Barcode-eating tamagotchi

a Barcode-eating tamagotchi that would be happy and grow as he "eats" scanned barcodes.

That would require the player to scan a barcode and take pictures (some points), and input nutrition data (his or her tamagotchi would get all the calories) Obviously, tamagotchi would die if not fed enough :-)

Best Practises