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This project aims to see if it's possible to use OpenFoodFacts to automate microwave cooking based on the barcode. In order to achieve that, we need to add cooking time and instruction fields to OpenFoodFacts and to tweak an existing microwave to use OpenFoodFacts.

Adding Cooking Instructions support to Open Food Facts


  • Heat (Mark 1, Mark 2…)
  • Time (5 minutes)


  • Power (600W…)
  • Time (5 minutes)
  • Mode (Defrosting, Normal…)
  • Additional Information


  • Pan
  • Boiling

Tweaking a microwave

  • Wiring up the microwave timer with Arduino
  • Wiring the Arduino board to a Raspberry Pi connected to the internet (or with a local copy of the OFF db)
  • Add a barcode scanner to the Raspberry Pi, or the ability to receive either the cooking instruction or the barcode from a smartphone.