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You want to write an article about us ? You need to contact us to offer help or for some reason ? You're in the right place :-)

If you have a general question, try our FAQ. If you do not find an answer, try the mailing lists or forums, where many people will be able to help you. Everyone is welcome , including (and especially) the beginners always find partners for all kinds of questions, even the most basic ones.

Mailing lists

The French mailing list address is To subscribe , send an empty mail to Registrations are open.


  • If you do not have an IRC client (or you're restricted by a firewall), go see [1]

Social Networks

The OSM France association is present on various social networks :

Form, ideas and suggestions

A contact form is available on


You can report bugs on the mailing lists .

If you have some time and want to save developers , you can save bugs in [] is the manager anomalies .


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