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Barcode length

The majority of product codes are following EAN-13 standard, and, as such, are 13 chars length.

As of 2022-04-06, Open Food Facts contains more than 12,000 products (~0.5%) with a barcode longer than 13 chars.

Open Food Facts website can't display a product with a barcode longer than 24 chars (a bug is open).

Barcode weight

For EAN-13 barcodes, GS1 recommend barcodes' weight to be ~32mm. In general, producers tend to use barcodes between 24 and 35 mm. Values below 24mm and above 35 are rare.

Testing barcodes with our apps

It's interesting to control that our apps are playing well with different barcodes' size. We build a test document that you can print and use with the app.

All things barcode

Barcode related pages on Open Food Facts


  • Wikidata is adding support for GS1 country prefixes


  • Features and bugs to work on
  • Adding APIs for mobile scanning apps
    • Get country suggestions
    • Get Manufacturer Code suggestions
    • Get Product Code suggestions
    • Get barcode API
    • Generate barcode SVG

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