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Moderator rights

  • Wipe ingredient list
  • 1 click ingredient edit
  • Delete products
    • If you're not sure, don't. And ask others' advice.
    • It should be reserved for vandalism or wrong barcodes.
  • Change product barcode
  • Move products to Open Beauty Facts / Open Products Facts
    • Just add obf or opf in the field after "If the barcode is not correct, please correct it here"
  • Manage images:
    • Move images to another product
    • Delete images
      • image deletion is reserved for images that are not related to Open Food Facts: people, animals, etc.
      • if possible, an image belonging to another product should be moved, and not deleted
      • you should not delete images of the product, even if they are old, of bad quality, partial, etc.
  • On the producers platform, view/edit products from different users and orgs.
    • You should not do this unless you have a clear mission for it.
  • Check product checkbox. It results in the API:

    checked: "on", checkers_tags: ["user_name"], last_check_dates_tags" ["2024-03-01", "2024-03", "2024"], last_checked_t: 1709415752, last_checker: "user_name"


    If the product is edited all the aforementioned fields will persist. However, if the second checkbox (note that the second checkbox appears only after the first checkbox was checked and changes have been saved a first time) is checked the aforementioned fields will be updated.

Admin rights

Moderator rights +

  • allow change user rights
  • delete user:
  • See user emails
    • As a moderator, if you want to write to another user, please respect the following practices or rules:
      1. It's a good practice to share with other moderators your intention to write to someone.
      2. You have to put in CC
      3. You should always be gentle and stay polite, whatever the writer has done.
      4. You should always stay neutral in regard of products or producers. Open Food Facts is not here to say something is good or bad, but just facts.
      5. You should respect the privacy of the conversation. You're not allowed to forward, or mention emails in a public area, or forward emails to people who are not aware and did not agree with this present charter.
      6. You should not give advices related to health, but try to refer to consensual science-based facts or studies.
      7. If you're not sure about your answer, ask other contributors advices.
      8. You are not allowed to sell anything, be paid for your answers, or use the email addresses for your own purposes (personal or professional purposes).
      9. You should not give your personal phone number.

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