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Open Food Facts has been selected as one of the mentor organizations for the 2018 Google Summer of Code and is a 2020 Google Summer of Code candidate.


The new idea page is located at:

Students and Mentors Welcome!

We are looking for both students to work on projects, and additional mentors to help them. If you would like to be a GSoC mentor, please contact @stephane or @teolemon on Slack. In particular we are looking for more mentors in the fields of data science, computer vision, machine learning, Flutter, Android and iOS developments so that we can accept even more projects this year.

Please join us on our Slack and introduce yourself on the #summerofcode channel.

Building strong proposals

Project ideas will need to be turned into strong project proposals. Here are some guidelines on how to write strong proposals for the Google Summer of Code.

To make your proposals more relevant, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Open Food Facts project, and how the database is crowdsourced:

  • Explore our web site , start with the Discover and Contribute pages.
  • Install our Android or iOS mobile app, scan some food products, and add photos for a few products from your country
  • Create an account on the web site, look up the products that you added, and edit the product pages to fill in the data for ingredients, nutrition facts etc.
  • Join us on Slack, request an instant invite

To discuss ideas, please join us on our Slack:

Thank you!